Motor Home Insurance Coverage

Let the good times roll uninterrupted. Your current auto or homeowners policy might not be enough to sufficiently cover your motor home. Fortunately, agents are standing by that can help you select the best Foremost policy option for your rig.

Comprehensive Coverage

The average auto policy does not include this type of coverage but is included in all of our motor home insurance policies. This policy will shield you from virtually any sudden or direct losses, including but not limited to: collisions, fire/smoke, environmental damage, animals, vandalism, and theft. In addition, we include Coverage for Attached Accessories, which covers satellite dishes, TV antennas, awnings, and more.

A select few coverage options are not mandatory and could be dependent on company approval, or may not be available in every state.

Total Loss Replacement Coverage

This is the option that will truly save you thousands more than your typical auto policy would. Most plans only cover the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the moment it’s totaled. Foremost coverage protects you from depreciation, and if you’re the original owner of a newer model trailer that is totaled during its first five model years, we will pay the replacement cost of a brand new one that’s similar quality and type. If it’s been six to ten years, we’ll gladly reimburse what you originally paid and put it towards the purchase of another motor home.

Emergency Expenses Coverage

Handles lodging or travel home costs if your vehicle has been damaged/totaled by a loss that’s covered, over 50 miles from home.

Replacement Cost

Any personal belongings that have been stolen or destroyed are covered by this policy. More than your typical auto or homeowners insurance.

Towing And Roadside Assistance From TraveLine®

Frees you from the burden of purchasing a separate towing plan. Everything from jump starts to fuel delivery are only a phone call away. Simply sign and drive, as it does not require any out-of-pocket payments. Both your motor home and towing vehicle are insured, and it doesn’t matter who’s driving or whether they’re in the U.S. or Canada.

Gives you liability coverage when your vehicle has been parked and is being used as a residence, usually weeks at a time or depending on the season.

Full-Timer Coverage

This type of coverage is not too different from a homeowners policy. This choice gives you coverage for when your vehicle has been parked and is being used as a residence, for more extended periods of time.

Insuring Your Tow Truck

This is a special policy that insures a medium duty tow truck being used for your motor home, as long as the truck’s GVWR and the maximum allowable total weight of a loaded road vehicle exceed 10,000 pounds.